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Tunesien (under oversættelse)

Tunisien is the ideal place to visit holidays or free time enjoying a phenomenal geographical beauty.  The 1,500-kilometer Mediterranean coast with lush blue sea and icy sand can amaze any nature lover. This North African country with the enviable climate is one of the privileged places to enjoy the sea, the deserts, and the dunes. Explore the Tunisian mysteries and discover nature at its best!

Discover the glorious past of Tunisien

Tunisia was once part of the great Roman Empire. The ruins of the Roman Empire still exist in the suburbs and country site. Tunisia later became part of the French colony. Here you can see these monuments and French-style buildings through the cities of Tunisia. After independence, this nation drew its own image on the world map. From culture to cuisine, Tunisia is backed by a great history. The impression of Roman, French, and African can be perfectly lived in Tunisia!
So, if you love history or art, go there at least once!

Tunesia, relaxing

Tunesia, relaxing

Perfect for adventures

Tunisia is one of the most adventurous places in the world. Water sports, trekking, camel safari, and much more, the list of hobbies and adventures in Tunisia is endless. The big Sahara, the dunes are perfect for desert trips. People from afar come to enjoy a camel ride, swimming in the oceans and many other activities — scuba diving, fishing, surfing, etc. A crystal clear sea  is really a pleasure.
Music, food, pleasure: you will love it.
People who taste good for cooking will adore the stay.  They have very good food and recipes. Try vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes cooked in Tunisian style! In addition to being delicious, Tunisian kitchens are also very hygienic.
Tunisians love music and art. Spending an evening in a pleasant atmosphere is really great. Folk music and the way of singing are quite different from other parts of the world. This makes the Tunisian tours so special.

Tunisia is also quite amazing that in peak periods, it is still relaxed. It’s because the hotel supply in Tunisia is ample. After all, here you have some of the world-class resorts, hotels, and accommodations.
In addition, you can also live in traditional lodges. The modern facilities and services available make your accommodation comfortable and enjoyable!

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